Thickness of paperboard 0.1 mm ~ 2 mm
Maximum sheet size 1050 x 750 mm
Minimum sheet size 540 x 360 mm
Maximum cutting size 1040 x 730 mm
Maximum operational pressure 300 tons
Maximum speed 7500 sheet/hour (depends complex of die mold and paper's condition)
Weight of machine 16 tons
Power 30 HP




  • The paper outfeed station employs main-and sub-paper bracket for alternative use without stop of the machine. This results in higher productivity.
  • Mechanical transmission system achieves accurate paper infeed.
  • The front stop at infeed end can be adjusted vertically to meet paper sheets, assuring the maximum stability of paper infeed motions.

Positioning Mechanism

  • The mechanism uses handwheel for adjustment at a time without the need to individually adjust paper pressure wheel.
  • Specially designed paper outfeed wheels accommodate various paper and are easy to adjust.

Die Cutting Sataion

  • A specially designed safe die cutting frame is easily installed and dismantled.
  • Rotating die frame design allows for easy replacement of dies.
  • The cutting plate is interchangeable to keep creasing matrix for saving die curving time.

Stripping Mechanism

  • High-efficiency 3-layer stripping mechanism combined with top and bottom pins strip completely.
  • Top unit can be independently adjusted according to product characteristics.

Paper Collection Station

  • The paper collection station is a non- stop design, permitting continuous collection of paper.
  • Bottom blowing air operated paper aligning design ensures smooth stacking of paper.
  • Allowing for inserting paper tape to separation mark according to setting numbers, that upgrades efficiency.